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Beryllium Products

IBC Advanced Alloys manufacturers a range of Beryllium-contained alloys and products.  Our flagship beryllium alloy is a metal matrix composite of beryllium and aluminum.  This alloy, which we sell Beralcast®, overcomes the limitations of pure beryllium and existing aluminum alloys while retaining the benefits of the two metals.

The principal Beralcast® metal matrix is more than three times stiffer than aluminum with 22% less weight and can be precision-cast to simple and complex configurations. This material is very lightweight with a high modulus of elasticity and can be precision cast for three-dimensional stability. Beralcast is ideally suited for certain demanding semiconductor manufacturing equipment, computer components and other commercial and aerospace applications and allows for a near-net shape to be cast for maximum manufacturing efficiencies. We manufacture our beryllium alloys utilizing either pure metallic beryllium or certified beryllium copper master alloy.

Beralcast® alloys serve as a higher-performance or lower-cost replacement materials for cast aluminum, magnesium, titanium, metal matrix composites, non-metallic composites, and pure beryllium or powder metallurgy beryllium-aluminum. Some of the applications include disk drive armatures, automotive braking and structural components and aerospace and satellite system components.

IBC also manufacturers other beryllium-contained alloys, which you can see in our product offering below.

Beryllium Products

IBC’s proprietary Beralcast® material combines beryllium’s light weight and high stiffness with aluminum’s excellent processing characteristics and low cost. Its high modulus of elasticity allows for stable three-dimensional precision casting.  It overcomes the limitations of pure beryllium and existing powder metal beryllium aluminum products.


Beralcast® Products

Beralcast® 191

Beralcast® 310

Beralcast® 363


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Beryllium Master Alloys

IBC produces a wide range of advanced beryllium casting alloys beyond our flagship Beralcast(TM) family of products, including beryllium-copper alloys, high-strength beryllium-copper casting alloys, high-conductivity beryllium-copper casting alloys, beryllium-nickel casting alloys, and many more.

Beryllium-Containing Master Alloys

4% BeCu Master
10% BeCu Master
6% BeNi Master
2.6% BeAl Master
5% BeAl Master

Beryllium-Copper Casting Alloys

High-Strength Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Casting Alloys

C82500 (20C)
C82510 (21C)
C82400 (165C)
C82600 (245C)
C82800 (275C)


High-Conductivity Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Casting Alloys

C82200 (3C, 14C)
C82000 (10C)


Beryllium-Nickel Casting Alloys

FA 230 High Strength BeNi Casting Alloy
BeNiCr 41C, 42C, 43C, 44C, 46C


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