IBC makes a variety of Beryllium-Aluminum castings for defense and civilian applications.

IBC produces Beryllium-Aluminum alloys and products, including Beralmax®.

We produce a variety of copper alloys as castings and forgings, as well as fabricated shapes.

Let us provide you with custom quotes for your beryllium and/or copper alloy needs.

Transforming the World

Through Mission-Critical Alloys

IBC Advanced Alloys makes mission-critical metal alloys that few companies in the world are able to produce. Our metallurgists, engineers, and skilled craftsmen produce parts for use in U.S. defense systems, such as the F-35 jet and next-generation nuclear submarines, as well as in multiple commercial applications.

IBC is proud to make its strategic alloys right here in the U.S.

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IBC manufactures critical parts for the F-35 Lightning II system.

Strategic Alloy Solutions

Made in the USA

At production facilities in Indiana and Massachusetts, IBC Advanced Alloys makes strategic metal alloys and products for a wide variety of industries and customers.  See some of the industries we serve.

Mission Critical Alloys

We are a leading supplier of high-performance copper and beryllium-aluminum alloys, cast components, and fabricated alloy parts for markets around the world.  Learn more.

To transform the world through the delivery of customer solutions using innovative & mission-critical strategic alloys.

To lead the mission-critical alloys industry while providing a positive work environment for our employees and long-term value to our shareholders.

Hear from some of our extraordinarily talented and dedicated people below on what they do for IBC and why they are committed to IBC’s mission.

IBC manufactures mission-critical alloy products for applications in defense, aerospace, electronics, automotive, oil & gas, and many other industries.




IBC is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol “IB” and on the US-based OTCQB as “IAALF”.


IBC Continues Profitability

IBC booked another profitable quarter with comprehensive income of $287,000 in the quarter, or $0.00 per share, a 107% increase over comprehensive income of $139,000, or $0.00, in the prior-year period.  This quarter’s success marks IBC’s second consecutive quarter of profitable operations, and it is the first time in the Company’s history that it has remained profitable after three quarters of operations in a fiscal year.


IBC Pays Off Mortgage

Paying off the Copper Alloys facility mortgage is part of IBC’s primary corporate strategy of reducing its debt burden.


New Chief Technology Officer

Ben Rampulla is IBC’s new Chief Technology Officer and 30-year industry veteran Mark Doelling now leads the IBC Engineered Materials Division.


Swing to Profitability


Mortgage Gets Retired


New CTO Named