Copper-Aluminum Bronze (C61400)

Copper-Aluminum Bronze (C61400)

C61400 Copper Aluminum Bronze Alloy has excellent mechanical properties and ductility. With excellent corrosion resistance, this alloy is suitable for high load applications and applications with high-pressure requirements.

Applications of C61400:

C61400 Copper Aluminum Bronze Alloy is typically used in nuts, threaded members, stringers, bolts, condenser tube and piping systems, piping systems, welded pipe, seamless tubing and pipe, chutes for abrasive grains, heat exchanger tubes, condenser head plates, tanks, corrosion resistant vessels, machine parts, structural components, tube sheets, mining shovels, sea water piping, marine hardware, welded tanks, pressure vessels, protective sheathing, fasteners, blending chambers, and mixing troughs.

Forms Supplied:

C61400 Copper Aluminum Bronze Alloy is available from IBC Advanced Alloys as plates, rounds and rings.

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