Copper Nickel 10% Alloy (C70600)

Copper Nickel 10% Alloy (C70600)

C70600 Copper Nickel 10% Alloy is used in applications where resistance to corrosion and stress cracking is important. C70600 Copper Nickel 10% Alloy is known for its moderate strength, weldability and formability.

Applications of C70600:

C70600 Copper Nickel 10% Alloy is typically used for brake lines, power steering tube, screw lamp bases, weld torch tips, pump impellers for oil refining, pressure vessels, distiller tubes, ferrules, heat exchanger tubes, evaporator tubes, condenser plates, condensers, evaporators, valve bodies, boat hulls, hot water tanks, water hoses, tube sheet for salt water service, ship hulls, propeller sleeves, salt water pipe fittings, salt water piling wrap, salt water baffles, salt water piping systems, and flanges.

Forms Supplied:

C70600 Copper Nickel 10% Alloy is available from IBC Advanced Alloys as rings, discs, bars, rods and plates.

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