Our Business Divisions

Our Business Divisions

IBC Advanced Alloys has two manufacturing divisions:  Copper Alloys and Engineered Materials.  Learn more about our divisions, and the mission-critical alloys they manufacture, below.


Copper Alloys Division

Copper Alloy Products

Our Copper Alloys Division manufactures and distributes a wide variety of copper alloys as castings and forgings: beryllium copper, chrome copper and aluminum bronze in plate, block, bar, rings; and specialty copper alloy forgings for plastic mold tooling and resistance welding applications. The division operates out of a consolidated casting and forging facility in Franklin Indiana.

The capability to produce large high quality production input billets has given IBC Advanced Alloys a strong competitive advantage in beryllium copper wrought products. Large diameter input billets equate to larger and more size flexible rod and plate configurations. It should be noted, forged beryllium copper rod and plate products exhibit improved grain micro-structures with more consistently homogeneous uniformity. IBC Advanced Alloys supplies only superior precision forged beryllium copper rod and plate products.

Engineered Materials Division

Our Engineered Materials Division manufactures a family of beryllium-aluminum alloys in our manufacturing facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts. At EMC, we overcome the limitations of pure beryllium and existing aluminum alloys while retaining the benefits of the two metals. Designed specifically to meet our customers’ increasingly technical requirements and high quality standards, while accommodating faster and more demanding delivery schedules, the Wilmington facility is the launch pad for the explosive growth of Beralcast®️