Beryllium-Aluminum Alloys

Beryllium-Aluminum Alloys

IBC produces a wide range of advanced beryllium casting alloys beyond our flagship Beralcast(TM) family of products, including beryllium-copper alloys, high-strength beryllium-copper casting alloys, high-conductivity beryllium-copper casting alloys, beryllium-nickel casting alloys, and many more.

Beryllium-Containing Master Alloys

4% BeCu Master
10% BeCu Master
6% BeNi Master
2.6% BeAl Master
5% BeAl Master

Beryllium-Copper Casting Alloys

High-Strength Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Casting Alloys

C82500 (20C)
C82510 (21C)
C82400 (165C)
C82600 (245C)
C82800 (275C)

High-Conductivity Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Casting Alloys

C82200 (3C, 14C)
C82000 (10C)

Beryllium-Nickel Casting Alloys

FA 230 High Strength BeNi Casting Alloy
BeNiCr 41C, 42C, 43C, 44C, 46C

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