Domestic Supply of Beryllium a Critical Issue States Pentagon Board

VANCOUVER, BC. – February 5, 2009 – International Beryllium Corporation (TSX-V:IB) (“IBC” or the “Company”) announces that on February 3, 2009 the United States Department of Defense and a special Pentagon board published a report stating that high purity beryllium is a critical material for which domestic sources of supply need to be ensured.

The Pentagon board has ruled that some specialty metals are not materials critical to national security eliminating a national security reason for the Defense Department to ensure a long-term domestic supply of such materials. High-purity beryllium, however, is a critical material, the report maintains.

“This report underscores the potential importance of our recently acquired Colorado and Utah exploration properties as well as the historically productive Boomer mine in Colorado,” said Anthony Dutton, President and CEO of International Beryllium. “This Pentagon report completely validates our strategy of North American mineral asset acquisition which is also being driven by the potential for beryllium containing nuclear fuels and the demand from military, industrial and other markets where the light weight and other qualities of beryllium are so important.”

“Even in peacetime, defense applications dominate the market; beryllium is essential for important defense systems and unique in the function it performs,” indicates the report. “In addition, domestic production capabilities have atrophied, and there are no reliable foreign suppliers. Accordingly, the Department should continue to take those special actions necessary to maintain a long-term domestic supply of high-purity beryllium.”

John Young, the defense acquisition executive, submitted the finding to Congress in a January 26, 2009 report mandated by lawmakers. The report followed a December 12, 2008 meeting of the Strategic Materials Protection Board, chaired by Young and comprised of representatives from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the service acquisition executive offices and the under secretary of defense for intelligence.

The Strategic Materials Protection Board discussed and approved the definitions of strategic and critical materials proposed by the executive secretary during its meeting, the report states. “As a result of the modified definition for critical materials, any material designated as critical will require a risk assessment and a strategy to ensure domestic availability,” the committee explains.

The status of specialty metals used to make sensors, armored vehicles, satellites and other items has long been a congressional concern. The Defense Authorization Act mandated the creation of the Strategic Materials Protection Board to oversee their use and supply.

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