IBC’s Enhanced BeO Nuclear Fuel Exceeds Thermal Conductivity Expectations and Other Critical Performance Factors

VANCOUVER, BC – March 18, 2014 – IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (TSX-V: IB; OTCQX: IAALF) (“IBC” or the “Company”) provides an update on the Company’s enhanced beryllium oxide (BeO) nuclear fuel R&D program being conducted at Purdue University, Texas A&M University and MIT. Recent results met or exceeded expectations in the critical areas of repeatability and scalability of fuel pellet production, and as-fabricated fuel pellet thermal conductivity. The higher thermal conductivity will allow the fuel to attain the desired thermal conductivity with about one-half of the prior BeO content thereby enabling the fuel to achieve its desired power output with lower enriched uranium content which improves fuel economics.

The Texas A&M team, led by Dr. Sean McDeavitt, has successfully established a repeatable lab-scale pellet production method that should enable fuel manufacturers, utility operators and regulators to confidently and consistently accept the physical properties of BeO pellets from one production batch to another. A repeatable pellet production method is critical to establish consistently high quality UO2-BeO fuel pellets that can be optimally utilized for industrial irradiation cycles.

“We are able to achieve consistent repeatability at our Texas A&M research laboratories and have demonstrated strong data driven results for enhanced UO2-BeO pellets,” reports Dr. Sean McDeavitt. “Measurements of the as-fabricated pellet thermal conductivity, a key parameter for fuel performance, have also exceeded expectations and our research has consistently returned results with approximately twice the values for thermal conductivity of unenhanced UO2.”

These new and higher thermal conductivity measurements are important as they predict the ability to facilitate the same power output but with less BeO than previously expected in each pellet. This has an important and valuable knock-on effect as, with less BeO being used, the uranium content of each pellet may then be increased which in turn supports a reduction in uranium-235 enrichment. This can all be done while still maintaining optimal energy production with longer fuel cycles. This is extremely encouraging for the nuclear industry, especially reactor operators and utility companies, who would gain significant improvements in safety margins and operating economics with IBC’s BeO enhanced accident tolerant fuel.

“We are very encouraged with these new results and their safety and economic implications for IBC’s BeO nuclear fuel project,” commented Jim Malone, IBC’s Vice President of Nuclear Fuel. “Today’s nuclear industry is examining a variety of new technologies focused on the development of more economically efficient and accident tolerant nuclear fuels. We believe that IBC’s BeO enhanced fuel has further demonstrated its commercial potential and we look forward,” continued Mr. Malone, “to sharing these new and exciting results with our potential industry partners and to jointly taking the research to the next step.”

IBC sponsored research focuses on the structure and composition of beryllium oxide enhanced nuclear fuel as well as new protective cladding technologies, primarily silicon carbide, to improve fuel performance including longer life, more stability and better thermal conductivity. IBC sponsors R&D at Purdue University, Texas A&M University, and has partnered with Global Nuclear Fuels to conduct multi-oxide fuel testing. IBC is also partnered with Ceramic Tubular Products, LLC and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) to develop and analyze a silicon carbide-based ceramic composite cladding which will complement the BeO nuclear fuel.

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