Chromium Copper Alloy (C18200)

Chromium Copper Alloy (C18200)

C18200 Chromium Copper is recommended for spot and seam welding cold and hot-rolled steel, stainless steel and low conductivity brass and bronze.

Applications of C18200:

C18200 Chrome Copper Alloy is typically used in pencil-type & light soldering guns: tips, rod extensions, electrical conductors requiring greater strength than copper, electron tube grid side rods, wire, high temperature, contacts, switch gears, electric motor and generator components, electrical connectors, connectors, cable, semiconductor bases, parts for electronic devices, switch contacts, arcing and bridging parts, thermal conductors requiring greater strength than copper, circuit breaker parts, wear plates on heavy equipment, heat sinks, current carrying shafts and arms, plastic mold components, structural parts, spot welding tips, flash welding electrodes, molds, flash welding electrodes, electrode holder jaws, resistance welding machine electrodes, and seam welding wheels.

Forms Supplied:

C18200 Chrome Copper Alloy is available from IBC Advanced Alloys as rings, discs, bars, rods and plates.

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